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Remodeling and Home Design

At Dragonfly Ponds & Patios we are very proud of our crew.  They are a team of hardworking individuals who will build your landscape dream.
Retired Dragonflies
Fran Hannon was Dragonfliy's first employee.  He was there at the very beginnings dedicating his summers to hardwork while completing his bachelor's degree at UVA.  Fran is now practicing law in Florida.  
Mike Schmitt worked summers while completing his bachelor's degree at Notre Dame.  Mike is now in dental school at Tufts University.
Tom Schmitt finally joined the crew after his two brothers had been working summers for Dragonfly.  He is now training to be a specialist in the Navy.
James Hannon was Dragonfly's second employee.  He has worked five seasons and has gained much experience in all phases of landscape installation. James' eye for detail has brought him to be the lead man in product installation. Outside of his landscape experience James has obtained both a bachelor's and master's degree.
Team Dragonfly
Tim Nohrden is founder and president of Dragonfly Ponds & Patios LLC.  He is the youngest of six children and grew up in Stow, MA.  He graduated with a B.A. in History and a Classics minor from the University of Dallas.  Aside from Dragonfly he enjoys watching and playing most any sport.
Kathryn Nohrden is office manager and caregiver to the youngest Dragonfly, Tom Nohrden.  She graduated with a bachelor's of science in Biochemistry from University of Dallas.  Her outside interests include knitting and sewing.
Joe Meier is full time to Dragonfly, and an expert with trucking and excavation.  He started with the company in 2011. Joe is an avid basketball player and fan, and enjoys working hard and playing hard!  
John Schmitt began work for Dragonfly while still attending high school.  He is now studying at Appalachian State focusing on primary education.
Ben Schmitt works for Dragonfly during his summer vacation from St. Thomas Aquinas where he is studying Liberal Arts. Ben is a great basketball player and we've come to find out an exceptional boxer!