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Remodeling and Home Design
Name, Title
Name, Title
​Dragonfly Ponds & Patios LLC is a locally owned and operated landscape design and construction company in Sterling, Massachusetts. Tim Nohrden, owner, grew up with a love for working with his hands in the outdoors. He spent his childhood playing sports and roaming the woods with his brothers.  Tim later started working with two of his brothers landscaping during the summer of 1999. Since then his passion for landscaping has grown stronger with each season.  He once told his girlfriend, now wife, Kathryn that 'there is nothing better than digging in the hot sun while working closely with a crew to complete a project.'  

Tim and Kathryn married two weeks after college graduation in 2006, and began Nohrden Landscapes that same summer. In 2007, Tim began taking waterfall and pond building classes and his love for design began. In 2008, he bought Dragonfly Ponds from Fred Pape of Princeton, and renamed the company Dragonfly Ponds & Patios with the vision of creating beautiful and natural outdoor living spaces.

In 2010, Tim and Kathryn had a baby boy, Tom, who enjoys digging in the dirt as much as his dad.  

Tim building one of his first waterfalls as Nohrden Landscapes for the Worcester flower show.
Tim is the youngest of six, and grew up in Stow, MA.